Kawasaki H2 First ride review – Sepang Circuit


Kawasaki Ninja H2. Built beyond belief. Sometimes tag lines or slogans are just that – something catchy. However, in the Ninja H2 case, it really does sum up what the H2 is all about.

Ever since it’s debut and reveal, the Ninja H2 has been grabbing attention ever since. The first thing you will take in is the looks. The H2 looks nothing at all like anything you’ve seen before. The futuristic design along with the aerodynamics, not forgetting the stunning looking wheel affixed to the equally good looking single-sided swinging arm, with that unique silver mirror paint and green trellis frame peaking through, makes the first impression of the H2 a totally unforgettable one. No doubt that anyone would mistaken this machine for anything else other than THE Ninja H2!


This machine is not all about the looks, sure it looks lovely, but don’t be fooled to think that that’s all it’s for. It’s 1000cc supercharged heart, or to be more technical – engine – oozes with power. Power and acceleration of this machine is on another level when compared to the current super sports bikes on the market. That supercharger “chirping” happily also let’s you know that this is a bike unlike no other.

To complement such raw and insane power, the trellis frame, teamed up with the latest KYB suspension, gives the bike the stability to fully utilise the power that the supercharged engine produces, allowing the bike to perform to the fullest.


Riding on it, you feel confident and able to “feel” the bike, with that confidence you find yourself riding the bike fast without you knowing it. The electronic Ohlins steering damper gives additional stability, while the Kawasaki Quick Shifter makes sure your fun doesn’t lag at all.

For those that might be a little taken back by all that power, have no worries, because this bike comes a whole lot of electronics and settings/modes to custom suit the rider. All these settings are easily accessible via the handles and displayed nice and clear on the full LCD screen. Old school riders will be delighted to know that the tachometer is analog style. Just be sure not to focus too much on your speedo because this bike goes fast very quickly, and you just might get caught off guard.

Keeping all that power to the ground, the task seems daunting but for the Bridgestone Battlax RS-10 tires, they don’t even break a sweat. It performs well on the track giving you a “solid” feel, which translates into rider confidence.

Of course, there will be many “bike wars” that this bike will be in, against many other bikes aiming to be the top dog. No matter how the battles turn out, it can’t be denied that the potential of the supercharged Kawasaki H2 might be the next step in motorcycle evolution.

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