GIVI Asia once again demonstrates its commitment to increasing the safety of Malaysian bikers with the official launch of 8 new helmet models. AsAsia’s leading motorcycle accessories brand, GIVI Asia continues to prioritize exceptional quality and safety, emphasizing the importance of selecting helmets that are the best fit.

Of the 8 helmets launched this year, 5 are Italian designs and 3 are local designs. Ranging from RM150 to RM990 in price, these additions to GIVI Asia’s product line uphold the brand’s promise of exceptional quality, style, maximum safety and value for money, providing customers with a wide selection of helmets to suit their individual needs. The helmets offered are available in various colours; white, black, silver, and an option with graphics.

Modular X.01 Comfort (GIVI Italy)


Lighter than most modular helmets, it includes removable summer and winter chin rests, caps for the jet version and anti-fog spray and anti-scratch visor. Double homologation enables the X.01 to be used without the chin rest. The ventilation system is available with three frontal air systems, two superior sides, one on the base of the chin rest and two rear extractors. Available in white, black and with racing graphics.

Fullface H 40.2 GT (GIVI Italy)


An ideal choice for the sport tourer owner, it has a tri-composite fibre shell (fibre, carbon, Kevlar) with a sophisticated ventilation system through three air inlets and two air extractors. The helmet comes with a standard anti-scratch smoked sun visor (with an optional 75% smoked version), removable nose cover which prevents fogging and removable wind protector integrated in the chin guard. Available in white, black, with racing graphics and black demo graphics.

X.08 Modular (GIVI Italy)

This model answers the demands for more ‘flip-up’ helmets with the highest quality meeting competitive pricing. The simple push of the central button on the chin rest means it can be raised with one hand. The visor can be opened independently and thanks to the new bayonet system created by GIVI, the main anti-scratch visor and internal sun visor can even be removed without the aid of any tools. The double homologation allows use in jet and full face versions. The air ventilation system is enhanced by chin rest vents; two at the front and an extractor at the rear. Available in white and black.

Jet X.07 (GIVIItaly)

This model features a thermoplastic material shell, extra padding in the cheek area of the inners for a better fit on the face. The aerodynamic shaping of the visor prevents turbulence under the chin, aids air flow and with the new inners guarantees quietness on the road ahead of its predecessors. The new sun visor is also more protective for the eyes. Available in silver and matt black.

HPS Junior (GIVI Italy)

This model, designed specifically for children, is protective, light, comfortable and can be personalized with PVC adhesives. The unique thermoplastic shell and chin strap with micrometric adjustment allows you to have two sizes at your disposal. The rapid lock/unlock belt system is secure and reliable yet still easy used by children. Available in white only.

M11.0 (GIVI Asia)

Similar to the M10.0, this urban jet helmet guarantees constant air flow but with a slightly different ventilation system that uses two frontal vents and three air extractors on the shell. It features a double visor (internal smoked sun visor and transparent anti-scratch visor), anti-allergenic inners that are removable and washable and a quick release strap with micrometric adjuster. Available in gun metal with & without graphic and solid white with & without graphic.

M10.0 (GIVI Asia)

This urban jet helmet guarantees constant air flow with a ventilation system that uses one frontal vent and four air extractors on the shell. It features a double visor (internal smoked sun visor and transparent anti-scratch visor), anti-allergenic inners that are removable and washable and a quick release strap with micrometric adjuster. Available in silver with & without graphic and black with & without graphic.

The M11.0 and M10.0 models are similar in characteristics however with differences in shape, colour and weight.

HPS 10.4 Roma (GIVI Asia)

This model tookMalaysiaby storm following its launch in 2009. This ergonomically designed helmet which features efficient air ventilation, an anti-scratch visor, a quick release buckle and breathable fabric interior that is removable/washable, is now offered with two brand new graphic designs. Available in pearl white, solid white with graphics, matt black, metallic black with graphics, gun metal and metallic silver.

All the helmets we are launching come in a variety of sizes; S, M, L and XL, depending on the model. Among these new releases is a helmet designed specifically for children. We hope that this will encourage parents who regularly have their children aboard their motorcycle, to be more proactive about safety. With such a broad selection of helmets our aim is to ensure that every individual motorcyclist is securely protected,” said Mr. On Hai Swee, Managing Director of GIVI Asia Sdn Bhd.

“Indeed GIVI is a well established brand of Italian origin; however our product line-up in Asia evolves to cater to the local bikers and their riding lifestyle. As we provide new world-class Italian designs, we also continue to offer a range of premium products specially made for the Malaysian market. Quality and safety make up the core around which every GIVI product is developed,” said Mr. Joseph Perucca, Overseas Operation Manager of GIVI Asia Sdn Bhd.

Over the years, GIVI Asia Sdn Bhd has remained true to its pledge to educate motorcyclists and offer products which emphasize biker safety. As a leading motorcycle accessories brand inAsia, Mr. On Hai Swee feels they have a responsibility to express the importance of proper riding attire.

In Asia you often find items listed as ‘free size’. This is all well and good when it comes to purchasing cheap clothing/fashion accessories for yourself but for anything which plays a part in ensuring safety and protection; such as helmets, it is absolutely crucial that you buy the best fit for you. You can’t afford to compromise when it comes to safeguarding your life. What sets our helmets apart from others available to the Malaysian market is that each one is available in a variety of sizes and has been designed to be a blend of safety and style – not a cheap accessory produced just to comply with the law,” shared Mr. On Hai Swee.


As the famous proverb goes; ‘you can lead the horse to the water but you cannot make it drink’. We will not waiver in our efforts to educate the Malaysian community of the importance in choosing a helmet that is the right fit for them but ultimately a rider’s safety rests in their hands and it is up to them what they do with the knowledge we share. Our hope is to make a positive change in the biking community by increasing safety awareness. We do not all have the same sized head – hence, one size does not fit all!” stated Mr. Joseph Perucca

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